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About us

Who Are We?

At SUAOKI, we aim to provide you with the best products and gadgets that bring comfort and convenience to your lifestyle, and at the same time keeping the carbon footprint at its minimum. We work under the motto and slogan of More Power, Less Footprint! which has always been a critical factor when designing and selecting our products. Furthermore, we always strive towards making smart products for smarter choices, so that you spend less time on the products and more time on the things that really matter in life. Making sure that our products are contributing towards a more significant cause of green planet earth, and producing the minimal carbon footprint possible, is a vital goal that keeps us motivated and running.

Our Aim

To lead the path of environmentally-conscious companies and to inspire our consumers to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle we aim towards the greater good of us all - green planet earth. At SUAOKI, our target for a greener earth and more sustainable products always keeps continually keeps us driving for better products that makes our lives easier and are more environmentally friendly. We also work hard towards improving our currents products. Besides our products, we also aim to educate the general public about green technology and sustainability. In this regards, and also to give back to the community, we publish weekly informative blogs. Our blogs primarily focus on educating our audience; from the very basic principles of how different products work too much more complex geeky knowledge about the potential energy resources in the future. We firmly believe that not only this helps our valued customers to enrich themselves with the power of knowledge, but also enables them to make an informed decision when purchasing products related to automobiles, solar panels, and portable power stations.

Together, with your help, we can move towards a more sustainable, green and smart world.


SUAOKI History

SUAOKI comes a long way from its humble beginning in the silicon valley of the east - Shenzhen. The then entrepreneur startup company was launched  in 2015 with a commitment to its customers and the mother earth by introducing smart and versatile products that are eco-friendly at the same time. The aim was to make everyday life more convenient with smart gadgets, where consumers have to do the minimal and our intelligent products take care of everything else. So that people can rely on our products, and focus on things that really matter in life.

Sticking to our primary goal and helping towards a clean and green planet earth, we started with solar panels. Later, considering the popularity of our products and the excellent response from people all-around, we introduced our portable power supply collection so that you can enjoy a complete set of power solution - solar panels and power stations together. Furthermore, we expanded our collections by including car accessories and laser measurement devices into our product line. All this while still committed to our goals of more power and less footprint, with high-end products and affordable price tags.

Our Commitment To You!

We seek to build a strong, trustful, and long-term relationship with our customers. To achieve this engagement, SUAOKI has an excellent, dedicated, and skillful team. Our confident team takes pride in their work, and provide timely and professional customer service and technical support. They are always ready to help you with your questions and to offer you a fascinating shopping experience, all the way from product selection to after-sales services. 

As important as the high quality of our products, affordability is another key factor at SUAOKI product line. We are continually implementing new technology and improving our processing methodology to achieve the perfect balance between convenience and the right price for our products. After all, what good is a remarkable product if your customers cannot afford it. 

Currently, we are offering a range of products within the automotive, solar power and laser measurement, and camping fields. We strive to focus on every single detail of our products that matters to you, so by the end of the production process; we can hand you truly high-quality items to make your daily tasks easier. Thanks to you, we are still growing and shaping ourselves as a people's company.

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